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  • David Wolpoff (moose)

    David Wolpoff (moose)

    moose. co-founder @randori. red-teamer. security can’t be fixed. practice how you fight. www.randori.com

  • Danielle G.

    Danielle G.

  • Amber Orenstein

    Amber Orenstein

    Teacher turned Product Leader. Obsessed with learning, exploring the outdoors, and my dog.

  • Shelly Gramajo

    Shelly Gramajo

    Product lady

  • Ryan McGeehan

    Ryan McGeehan

    Writing about risk, security, and startups.

  • Jason


    Growth & focus, lending a hand to those around me; catch me if you can ✨ 🌎 Niche Hospitality / Travel πŸ€“ Creative / Web Dev πŸ‘‹ Social: @gegere πŸ“ Boulder

  • Frank Duff

    Frank Duff

    Frank Duff (@FrankDuff) is the Director of ATT&CK Evaluations for MITRE Engenuity, providing open and transparent evaluation methodologies and results.

  • Kai Stinchcombe

    Kai Stinchcombe

    Whatever the opposite of a futurist is

  • Julian Leuthold

    Julian Leuthold

    Founder of @GetGlobalConf. Dweller at the intersection of business, culture, politics, and economics. India wonk.

  • Jordan Ching

    Jordan Ching

    Writer and filmmaker on a quest to create art that impacts and inspires the masses.

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