Don’t Work For Small People

My Tipping Point

I have worked for/with two “small people” who were great at messing with my life. One had a near alchemistic ability to screw with my head. The other was so intimidated of me and so weak in spirit that I found myself desperately seeking a way out.

Anger: No Good Options

I had a boss who straight hated me. He was mean and angry. I hung in there for years because I thought that I was making a difference for a cause that I strongly believed in. But at some point, I also recognized that I would have to move on — for my own sake.

Ego: It’s Not You — It’s Them

That same former boss of mine didn’t like me because he hated my ideas. For years, I thought that this was because my ideas were bad. Later in life, I found out that he had been stealing from me and passing my work off as his own. This guy — royal asshole.

Envy: It’s Because Of Their Weakness

Only the worst managers feel that they need to control you. There is an art to management. Even more, there is an art to hiring the best people. And when you do — if you are ever lucky enough to hire someone great like I have been — don’t manage them like they’re a child.

Make The Change

When do you know that you need to make the change? Here’s what did it for me.

  1. My friends started bringing it up
  2. I started talking about it in public
  3. I became an emotional wreck
  4. Every time I had to speak to that person, the odds were that one of us would begin yelling
Yeah…I’m a small person…
PC load letter, huh…



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